EuroPRevent 2015

14 - 16 May 2015, Lisbon - Portugal

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Poster Session II - Thursday 14:00 - 18:00 : Cardiac Rehabilitation
Thu 14 May 14:00 - 18:00 Other Poster Session Poster Area -
Learning Objectives: Presenters will be by their poster during the coffee break from 15:30 and 16:30 for poster viewing tour and discussion questions.

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List of Presentations

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15:30P224Cardiac Rehabilitation - Hosted byMargaret CUPPLES (Belfast, GB), Dominique HANSEN (Hasselt, BE)
14:00P225Pre-diabetes and diabetes mellitus: challenges for cardiac rehabilitation programsPreza FERNANDES (Porto, Portugal)
14:00P228Patient rehabilitation after pulmonary embolism, an observational, retrospective, single center studyAxel SCHLITT (Quedlinburg, Germany)
14:00P229Cardiac rehabilitation after heart valve surgery: Improvement in exercise capacity and prognosis 
14:00P230Re-hospitalization rate and the evolution of systolic dysfunction under the influence of comprehensive rehabilitation program during the first year after coronary revascularization.Aliona GRIVENCO (Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of)
14:00P231Musculoskeletal pain in patients with heart failure undergoing moderate and high intensity trainingTales CARVALHO (Florianopolis, Brazil)
14:00P232Heart rate response in transplant patients following a cardiac rehabilitation programEladi Madalina CRAMAROC (Torrejon De Ardoz, Spain)
14:00P233Safety and efficacy of pulmonary rehabilitation prior to surgery in patients with thoracic aortic disease -Importance of pre-operative respiratory tract clearance exerciseMasashi TAKEUCHI (Sendai, Japan)
14:00P234Effects of exercise training on heart rate response to exercise in heart transplant recipientsGuilherme GUIMARAES (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
14:00P235Safety and efficacy of cardiac rehabilitation programs in cardiac arrest survivors Zorba BLAZQUEZ BERMEJO (Madrid, Spain)
14:00P236Stratifying patients for cardiac rehabilitation - is it worth to rehabilitate low risk patients after an acute coronary syndrome?Silvia AGUIAR ROSA (Lisbon, Portugal)
14:00P237Measured versus self-reported body mass index in patients after an acute coronary syndrome undergoing cardiac rehabilitationZygmunt Antoni DOMAGALA (Wroclaw, Poland)
14:00P238The effect of physical exercise on quality of life in patients with paroxysmal or persistent atrial fibrillation, a randomized study.Stine HAKMANN (Copenhagen Nv, Denmark)
14:00P239Diabetes: Effect modification over weight and body composition response to Cardiac RehabilitationJose Afonso ROCHA (Porto, Portugal)
14:00P240Impact of cardiac rehabilitation after acute coronary syndrome on functional capacity measured by cardiopulmonary exercise testingSilvia AGUIAR ROSA (Lisbon, Portugal)
14:00P241Postoperative cardiac rehabilitation after implantation of left ventricular assist devices: Are there gender differences?Christiane MARKO (Vienna, Austria)
14:00P242Clinical outcomes in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction and partial revascularization included in a cardiac rehabilitation programRicardo Antonio MORI JUNCO (Madrid, Spain)
14:00P243The role of relaxation therapy in a cardiac rehabilitation program: a retrospective analysis of the effects on cardiovascular outcomes.Vincenzo DE SIMONE (Verona, Italy)
14:00P244Automatic detection of exercise oscillatory ventilation in cardiopulmonary exercise testing: developing an accurate and practical graphical user interface.Justien CORNELIS (Wilrijk, Belgium)
14:00P245Exercise functional capacity after aortic valve replacement in elderly patients - differences between transcathether versus surgical approachGuilherme PORTUGAL (Lisboa, Portugal)
14:00P246Characteristics of sarcopenia in patients with chronic heart failureHiroaki OBATA (Niigata, Japan)
14:00P247Physical rehabilitation in heart failure patients with lean body mass deficitElena KOLESNIKOVA (Moscow, Russian Federation)
14:00P248Improvement of cognitive functions and quality of life in patients with heart failure after exercise training 
14:00P249Autonomic function after cardiac rehabilitation - which patients benefit most?Pedro RIO (Sao Joao Dos Montes, Portugal)
14:00P250Sustained effects of heated water-based exercise training on blood pressure after detraining in patients with resistant hypertension.Guilherme Veiga GUIMARAES (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
14:00P251Clinical experience with combination therapy with Olmesartan and Amlodipine in treatment of resistant hypertensionCyril JAMES (Pleven, Bulgaria)
14:00P252Secondary prevention in Jordan is underdeveloped and requires urgent improvement to meet the guidelines 
14:00P253Addressing socioeconomic inequalities in cardiovascular health in Albania 
14:00P254Gender differences in cardiovascular risk factors on attendants in a cardiac rehabilitation program.Alvaro ROLDAN SEVILLA (Madrid, Spain)