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Poster session 3: Cardiovascular adaptation to exercise
30 Aug 14:00 - 18:00 Exercise testing and training Poster Session Poster area - Poster Area

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14:00P2679ExerciseTraining prevents diastolic dysfunction induced by fructose overload in old female ovariectomized rats Jacqueline FREIRE MACHI (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
14:00P2680Ventricular ectopy in young athletes: an innocent bystander or a harbinger of structural heart disease?Keerthi PRAKASH (London, United Kingdom)
14:00P2681Dynamic coupling between atrio-ventricular duration and RR-interval in phase-rectification analysis shows rate-dependent intranodal conduction facilitation related to physical conditioning statusPaulo Roberto BENCHIMOL BARBOSA (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
14:00P2684Circulatory power and exercise ventilatory power during exercise over time during sequential combination therapy in pulmonary arterial hypertensionAkihiro HIRASHIKI (Nagoya, Japan)
14:00P2685Influence of cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition and blood pressure on retinal vessel diameters in swiss primary school children - the sportcheck studyHenner HANSSEN (Basel, Switzerland)
14:00P2686Watching television and mortality from pulmonary embolism among middle-aged Japanese men and women: the JACC studyToru SHIRAKAWA (Suita, Japan)
14:00P2687Changes in cardiac troponins, natriuretic peptides, D-dimer, and cardiac hemodynamics after strenuous exercise_ a meta-analysisFarbod SEDAGHAT-HAMEDANI (Heidelberg, Germany)
14:00P2689The impact of different types of aerobic exercise on vascular functionEvagelos ECONOMOU (Athens, Greece)
14:00P2678Left ventricular contractility of athlete's heart: assessment by speckle tracking echocardiography and invasive pressure-volume analysis in rats Tamas RADOVITS (Veszprem, HU)
14:00P2682Left atrial morphological and electrical remodeling in athletes: a prospective, longitudinal combined ECG and speckle-tracking studyFlavio D'ASCENZI (Siena, IT)
14:00P2683Right precordial T-wave inversion in healthy endurance athletes can be explained by lateral displacement of the cardiac apex.Maria BROSNAN (Melbourne, AU)