ESC Congress 2016

27 - 31 August 2016, Rome - Italy

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Poster session 2: Echo-Doppler - Other
Sun 28 Aug 08:30 - 12:30 Miscellaneous Poster Session Poster area - Poster Area
Learning Objectives: Posters are on display from 08:30 – 12:30. Presenters will be by their poster during the coffee break from 10:00 and 11:00 for posters viewing time.

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List of Presentations

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08:30P1415Right ventricular pattern measured by 2D speckle tracking to identify AL-cardiac amyloidosis Alejandro DURANTE LOPEZ (Majadahonda, Spain)
08:30P1416Determinants of left ventricular hypertrophy apart from hypertensionDimitrios KONSTANTINIDIS (Kifisia, Greece)
08:30P1417Assessment of left ventricular systolic function and torsion at 3 myocardial layers in hypertension by real-time three-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography with high volume ratesTakashi YOSHIZANE (Gifu, Japan)
08:30P1418Association of reduced endothelial glycocalyx thickness with abnormal aortic elastic properties and myocardial deformation in psoriasisIgnatios IKONOMIDIS (Athens, Greece)
08:30P1419The association between Doppler indices of left ventricular diastolic function and left atrial volume by cardiac magnetic resonance imagingEddy BARASCH (Roslyn, United States of America)
08:30P1420Interest of a combinatory approach based on traditional LV dyssynchrony parameters and cardiac work estimated by pressure-strain loop curves for the prediction of CRT response.Elena GALLI (Avignon, France)
08:30P1421Prognostic value of right ventricular global longitudinal strain in patients with non-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathyTetsuari ONISHI (Himeji, Japan)
08:30P1422Does metabolic syndrome without hypertension affect left ventricular geometry?Mohammad EL TAHLAWI (Zagazig, Egypt)
08:30P1423Evaluation of left ventricular performance in hypertensive patients by speckle tracking echocardiography: correlation with brain natriuretic peptide Waleed HAMED (Shebin El Kom, Egypt)
08:30P1424Diagnostic and prognostic role of the myocardial deformation analysis in heart failureMiguel MARTINEZ-MARIN (Zaragoza, Spain)
08:30P1425Autonomic dysfunction and left ventricular hypertrophy among patients with end-stage renal disease receiving hemodialysisTing Tse LIN (Hsin-Chu, Taiwan ROC)
08:30P1426Mechanical resynchronization by cardiac resynchronization therapy augments early diastolic intraventricular pressure gradient and improves energy efficiency.Masayoshi YAMAMOTO (Tsukuba, Japan)
08:30P1427Effects of age on left ventricular diastolic functionJan PYSZKO (Olomouc, Czech Republic)
08:30P1428Normal ranges of right atrial strain: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
08:30P1429The incremental value of serial echocardiography in risk assessment of patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillationMelissa LEUNG (Leiden, Netherlands)
08:30P1430Left ventricular twist cannot predict the future clinical events in successfully reperfused patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction.Hong-Mi CHOI (Seoul, Korea Republic of)
08:30P1431echocardiography in patients with a first episode of pulmonary embolism at baseline and 1 year follow-up: insights from the evaluation of long-term outcomes after pulmonary emboli (ELOPE) studyAvi SHIMONY (Beer Sheva, Israel)
08:30P1432Left ventricular peak strain and strain rate during systole assessed by speckle tracking echocardiography are load-dependent indices of systolic functionHidemaro SATOU (Gifu, Japan)
08:30P1433Assessment of atrial conduction time in patients with sarcoidosis Mehmet Gungor KAYA (Kayseri, Turkey)
08:30P1434How is endothelial dysfunction different between patients with organic coronary artery disease and vasospastic angina?Hiroki TERAGAWA (Hiroshima, Japan)
08:30P1435Atrial strain measurement: comparison between the two methodsMatteo CAMELI (Certaldo, Italy)
08:30P1436Determinants of the right atrial mechanics in systemic sclerosis Agnes Beatrix NOGRADI (Pecs, Hungary)
08:30P1437Liver stiffness by shear wave elastography, new noninvasive and quantitative tool for acute variation estimation of central venous pressure in real-time? Olivier VILLEMAIN (Paris, France)
08:30P1438Left atrial strain derived from 2D speckle tracking echocardiography predicts cardiovascular events and mortality: a 4-year follow-up studyHiroshi KATO (Fukui City, Japan)
08:30P1439TAPSE: a novel prognostic marker in community-acquired pneumoniaVolkan DOGAN (Eskisehir, Turkey)
08:30P1440The association among microalbuminemia, left atrial remodeling and subclinical mechanical dysfunction in asymptomatic individualsKuo-Tzu SUNG (Taipei, Taiwan ROC)
08:30P1441Use of Doppler echocardiography for spatial identification of a multipurpose steerable intracardiac catheter sheath featuring an acoustically active tipMarek BELOHLAVEK (Scottsdale, United States of America)
08:30P1442Prevalence and correlates of new-onset left ventricular geometric abnormalities in a general populationGino SERAVALLE (Milan, Italy)
08:30P1443Right ventricle 2D strain derived from speckle tracking imaging might help to identify patients with pulmonary embolism at low risk,Stephane EDERHY (Paris, France)
08:30P1444Echocardiography is useful to predict perioperative atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery. A prospective study.Julien MAGNE (Limoges, France)
08:30P1445Resting 2D speckle tracking echocardiography for the prediction of death 5 years after ST- elevation myocardial infarctionBlazej MICHALSKI (Ksawerow, Poland)
08:30P1446Left ventricular diastolic function is a determinant of the left atrial mechanics in systemic sclerosisAdel PORPACZY (Pecs, Hungary)
08:30P1447Left atrium function: an independent predictor of clinical outcome in patients with atrial fibrillationAndrea RUEDA (Madrid, Spain)
08:30P1448Difference in prognostic impact of E over E prime between decreased and preserved left ventricular function in patients with acute decompensated heart failureNamkyun KIM (Daegu, Korea Republic of)
08:30P1449Strong negative correlation between estimated pulmonary artery systolic pressure and right atrial strain.Hector Alfredo DESCHLE (Buenos Aires, Argentina)