ESC Congress 2016

27 - 31 August 2016, Rome - Italy

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Poster session 3: Stem cells and cell therapy
Sun 28 Aug 14:00 - 18:00 Miscellaneous Poster Session Poster area - Poster Area
Learning Objectives: Posters are on display from 14:00 – 18:00. Presenters will be by their poster during the coffee break from 15:30 and 16:30 for posters viewing time

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14:00P2611An allogeneic bioengineered myocardial graft limits infarct size and improves cardiac function: pre-clinical study in the porcine myocardial infarction model Carol GALVEZ-MONTON (Badalona, Spain)
14:00P2612iPS derived from human urine of Duchenne patients generate functionally competent cardiomyogenic cells: an in vitro cell model for functional studies and drug testing in heart failure.Domenico D'AMARIO (Rome, Italy)
14:00P2613Improved therapeutic potential of adipose derived stem cell spheroid bodies 
14:00P2614Exosome-mediated anti-aging effects of cardiosphere-derived cells.Lilian GRIGORIAN (Los Angeles, United States of America)
14:00P2615Isolation, characterization and partial direct differentiation of primary human cardiac and placental fibroblasts into induced cardiomyocytes iCMPouya SADEGHI POUR (Bristol, United Kingdom)
14:00P2616Analysis of ambient influences affecting Interleukin-6 as a paracrine mediator in clinical trials of stem cell therapy for myocardial infarctionChristoph EDLINGER (Salzburg, Austria)
14:00P2617Comparing foetal to adult epicardial cell activation to identify differences relevant for the epicardial post-injury responseAnke SMITS (Leiden, Netherlands)
14:00P2618Molecular mechanisms of cardioprotective effects mediated by transplanted cardiac ckit+ cells through the activation of an inflammatory and reparative response.Giovanni PUDDIGHINU (Rome, Italy)
14:00P2619Mesenchymal stem cells grown under chronic hypoxia improve LV function and inhibit qdverse LV remodeling in mice with chronic ischemic cardiomyopathyMichael LIPINSKI (Arlington, United States of America)
14:00P2620C-kit expression is necessary but not sufficient to identify multipotent and robustly myogenic adult cardiac stem cellsMariangela SCALISE (Catanzaro, Italy)
14:00P2621Three engineered allogeneic porcine iPSs scaffolds after myocardial infarction in swine Carol GALVEZ-MONTON (Badalona, Spain)
14:00P2622Successful ex vivo expansion of pro-angiogenic cells from one single primitive hematopoietic stem cell identifies a novel tactic for treatment of limb ischemiaGiuseppe MANGIALARDI (Bristol, United Kingdom)
14:00P2623Mesenchymal stromal cells modulate monocytes trafficking in Coxsackievirus B3-induced myocarditisSophie VAN LINTHOUT (Berlin, Germany)
14:00P2624Transcriptomic analysis of inter- and intra-patient variation in human iPSCs: platform for precision medicine to predict drug toxicityElena MATSA (Stanford, United States of America)
14:00P2625In vivo implantation of tissue engineered cardiac patch using newborn piglet thymus derived stem cells: a proof of concept studyAmbra ALBERTARIO (Bristol, United Kingdom)