07 - 09 May 2017, Vienna - Austria

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08:30P106Comparison of SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging with and without attenuation correction by computed tomography: A pilot study Roxana CAMPISI (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
08:30P108Dagnostic accuracy of coronary ct angiography performed in 100 consecutive patients with coronary stents using a novel whole-organ high-definition ct scannerSaima MUSHTAQ (Milano, Italy)
08:30P109Image quality and radiation exposure of coronary ct angiography performed by the novel whole-heart coverage high definition ct scanner in a large population of patients with atrial fibrillationSaima MUSHTAQ (Milano, Italy)
08:30P114Prognostic values of left ventricular mechanical dyssynchrony and altered cardiac sympathetic innervation in moderate-to-high risk patients with heart failure identified by brain-natriuretic peptidesTomoaki NAKATA (Sapporo, Japan)
08:30P115Relationship between inflammation and cardiac adrenergic activity in heart failure patients with CRTRita ILHAO MOREIRA (Coimbra, Portugal)
08:30P116Prognostic value of left ventricular dyssynchrony by myocardial perfusion gated single photon emmissiom tommography in patients with left ventricular ejection fraction less or equal 35% Nili ZAFRIR (Herzliya,, Israel)
08:30P117Value of intraventricular synchronism assessment by gated-SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging in cardiac resynchronization therapyAmalia Teresa PEIX (La Habana, Cuba)
08:30P118Differences in presence, extent, severity, composition and location of coronary artery disease after mediastinal irradiation compared with matched controlsJeff SMIT (Leiden, Netherlands)
08:30P119Impact of specific coronary lesions on regional ischemia at myocardial perfusion imaging: a detailed analysis of 6,581 coronary stenoses matched with 17,948 myocardial regions in 2,564 patientsGiandomenico NERI (Roma, Italy)
08:30P121Effects of stem cells therapy in patients with diffuse and distal coronary artery disease on the left ventricular function and myocardial perfusion according 99mTc-sestamibi gated SPECTStanislav MININ (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)
08:30P122Clinical management, safety and cost impact of performing coronary computed tomography angiography in patients with mild ischemia by SPECT-MPIRodrigo CERCI (Curitiba, Brazil)
08:30P123Myocardial perfusion scan before angiography in patients with high calcium score is cost effectiveAlp NOTGHI (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
08:30P124Nuclear cardiology practice in Spain  
08:30P125Validation of cross-calibration method for I-123 MIBG heart-to-mediastinum ratio in different combinations of gamma cameras and collimatorsKoichi OKUDA (Ishikawa, Japan)
08:30P127Role of gated SPECT (gSPECT) in detection of coronary artery disease in chronic kidney disease of different stages.Khaled ELSABAN (Cairo, Saudi Arabia)
08:30P130Arterial age predicts stress-induced myocardial ischemia in patients with suspected coronary artery diseaseCarmela NAPPI (Naples, Italy)
08:30P131Ex-vivo 18F-sodium fluoride micro-PET-CT in sudden cardiac deathAlastair MOSS (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
08:30P132Treadmill exercise and persantine stress myocardial flow reserve using 18F-flurpiridaz PET standardized uptake valuesRobert DE KEMP (Ottawa, Canada)
08:30P133The value of rubidium-82 positron emission tomography (Rb-82 PET) for evaluation of asymptomatic patients prior to kidney transplantElena Nicoleta BOLCA (Manchester, United Kingdom)
08:30P134Simplified estimation of myocardial flow reserve using nitrogen-13-ammonia PET activity ratiosRobert DE KEMP (Ottawa, Canada)
08:30P137Features of left ventricular myocardial perfusion in hypertrophic changesAleksei MALOV (Kazan, Russian Federation)
08:30P138Coronary flow reserve measured by PET affected by coronary artery calcium: strong enough to be a predictor?Adriana PUENTE (Mexico, Mexico)
08:30P140Prognostic avaliation of myocardial perfusion Imaging with dypiridamole: the secret beyond ST segmentPaola SMANIO (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
08:30P141Resting MPI SPECT as a potential gate keeper for 18F-FDG PET viability studiesLizette LOUW (Johannesburg, South Africa)
08:30P142Myocardial viability: evaluation of clinical endpoints from cintilography with thalliumPaola SMANIO (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
08:30P143Does obesity paradox affect the prognostic values of impaired cardiac sympathetic innervation in patients with chronic heart failure? Tomoaki NAKATA (Sapporo, Japan)
08:30P144Autonomic dysfunction identifies cardiac resynchronization therapy responseRita ILHAO MOREIRA (Coimbra, Portugal)
08:30P145Prediction of moderate-severely abnormal myocardial perfusion SPECT by coronary artery calcificationTali SHARIR (Tel Aviv, Israel)
08:30P146Revascularization predicts improved prognosis in patients with stable CAD and large ischemic perfusion defects in the modern era Adel Hassan ALLAM (Giza, Egypt)
08:30P147Prevalence and predictors of severe atherosclerosis among subjects with normal myocardial perfusion SPECT Tali SHARIR (Tel Aviv, Israel)
08:30P148Prevalence of coronary artery and thoracic aorta calcification detected incidentally on chest computed tomography is remarkable but under-reported despite its prognostic implicationsAnna MARZARO (Zugliano, Italy)
08:30P149Evaluation of patients with acute chest pain using SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging: prognostic implications of mildly abnormal scansAlexey NAIMUSHIN (Ramat Gan, Israel)
08:30P150Prevalence and outcome of extra-cardiac findings in patients referred for cardiac computed tomography angiographyFelicia ADJEI (Bedford, United Kingdom)
08:30P151Frequency and distribution of vascular calcifications in cancer staging patientsAdel Hassan ALLAM (Giza, Egypt)
08:30P152Endothelial dysfunction, carotid intima-medial thickness and carotid plaque in relation to risk factors and global risk score in asymptomatic patients with type 2 diabetes: A prospective studyAnand JEEVARETHINAM (London, United Kingdom)
08:30P155Minimal stress-rest activity in one-day stress-first SPECT MPI Joris VAN DIJK (Zwolle, Netherlands)
08:30P156Phase analysis parameters obtained by gated single photon emission computed tomography perfusion imaging in patients with left ventricle dilatationClaudia Mariana CORTES (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
08:30P157Left ventricular function assessment using upright solid state cardiac camera compared with a conventional supine gamma cameraMonika STALC (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
08:30P158Anatomical distribution of coronary calcium score and myocardial perfusion abnormalities detected by 13N-ammonia PET-CTGeorgina VALDES BECERRIL (Naucalpan, Mexico)
08:30P159A new relational database including clinical data and myocardial perfusion imaging findings in subjects with suspected or known coronary artery diseaseRoberta ASSANTE (Napoli, Italy)
08:30P161Patients with thin left atrial wall thickness have a risk of severe left atrial volume reduction after atrial fibrillation ablationSang Weon PARK (Bucheon, Korea Republic of)
08:30P162Health-related quality of life and ischemic burden in stable coronary artery diseaseChrysovalantou NIKOLAIDOU (Thessaloniki, Greece)
08:30P163Diabetes is associated with high risk for cardiac events beyond the results of most gSPECT variables and ECG changesFernando MUT (Montevideo, Uruguay)
08:30P164Effect of cardiac resynchronization therapy on inflammation and cardiac adrenergic activityRita ILHAO MOREIRA (Coimbra, Portugal)
08:30P165Reduction of SPECT MPI radiation dose using contemporary protocols and technology: results in 18,000 patients over 8 yearsRandall THOMPSON (Kansas City, United States of America)
08:30P166LVEF and LV volumes measurement with low-dose gated tomographic RNA using CZT gamma camera in patients receiving cardio toxic chemotherapy: a fast and low dose protocolMatthieu BAILLY (Orleans, France)
08:30P167Comparison of left and right ventricular ejection fraction determined by planar and tomographic equilibrium radionuclide angiographyMargarida VICTOR (Almada, Portugal)
08:30P168High-performance artificial neural network system for detecting ischemia using myocardial perfusion imaging: a multicenter project in JapanKenichi NAKAJIMA (Kanazawa, Japan)
08:30P170Bias correction for overestimation of myocardial blood flow on a 3D PET-CT scanner with BGO detectorsRobert DE KEMP (Ottawa, Canada)
08:30P171Data-driven respiratory motion detection and compensation of myocardial viability examinations using nh3 and fdg. Martin Lyngby LASSEN (Vienna, Austria)
08:30P172Attenuation correction in myocardial perfusion imaging affects the assessment of infarct size in women with previous inferior infarct.Alessia PELI (Polaveno, Italy)
08:30P173Comparative clinical value of V/Q SPECT methods for the investigation of pulmonary embolism Fernando MUT (Montevideo, Uruguay)
08:30P174Added value of supplementary exercise with dobutamine on heart rate and level of stress in MPICigdem AKINCIOGLU (London, Canada)
08:30P175Clinical characteristics, results and management of patients currently referred for pharmacologic stress SPECTNuria CASANOVAS (Badalona, Spain)
08:30P177Bone scintigraphy in left ventricular hypertrophy. Preliminary results of a new service in a tertiary hospital.Paul SCULLY (London, United Kingdom)
08:30P179Diagnostic and treatment patterns of cardiac sarcoidosis: a single center experienceIbrahim SAEED (Kansas City, United States of America)
08:30P180Detection of occult RV dysfunction in young egyptians with type 1 diabetes mellitus by 2D speckle tracking echocardiographyTaghreed AHMED (Cairo, Egypt)
08:30P181Normative values of left ventricular functional indices in myocardial perfusion single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) among filipino patients.Christian Michael PAWHAY (Marikina, Philippines)