ESC Congress 2017

26 - 30 August 2017, Barcelona - Spain

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Ion channel diseases causing arrhythmias
Tue 29 Aug 11:00 - 12:30 Sudden cardiac death Case-based Symposium, Mobile App - Ask a Question Valetta - Village 5
Chairpersons: Josep BRUGADA TERRADELLAS (Barcelona, Spain), Sami VISKIN (Tel Aviv, Israel)

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11:015074A middle-aged asymptomatic man with very short QTcCarla GIUSTETTO (Torino, Italy)
12:005076When the ECG may hide a dangerous situation: practical information.Sabine ERNST (London, United Kingdom)
11:305075Multiple genetic variations in sodium channel subunits in a case of sudden infant death syndrome.Nicole SCHMITT (Copenhagen, Denmark)