ESC Congress 2017

26 - 30 August 2017, Barcelona - Spain

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Fighting sudden cardiac death: challenges and new strategies
Tue 29 Aug 14:00 - 15:30 Sudden cardiac death Symposium, Association/Council Highlight, Today on ESC TV Skopje - Village 5
Chairpersons: John CAMM (London, United Kingdom), Gerhard HINDRICKS (Leipzig, Germany)
Subtitle: European Heart Rhythm Association

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14:005763The burden of SCD across Europe: the EHRA perspectiveJosef KAUTZNER (Prague, Czech Republic)
14:225764ICD utilisationacross Europe – Trends, inequalities and challenges. The EHRA White BookBela MERKELY (Budapest, Hungary)
14:455765Primary prevention of SCD after myocardial infarction: the RESET SCD TrailJens Cosedis NIELSEN (Aarhus N, Denmark)
15:075766Can cell phones save lives? The EHRA First Responder App and serious gaming.Christian ELSNER (Luebeck, Germany)