ESC Congress 2017

26 - 30 August 2017, Barcelona - Spain

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ESC Guidelines 2017 - AMI-STEMI
Sun 27 Aug 14:00 - 15:30 ACS - STEMI Main Session, ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines Barcelona - Main Auditorium
Chairpersons: Borja IBANEZ (Madrid, Spain), Stefan JAMES (Uppsala, Sweden)

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14:001910Welcome and general overview of 2017 STEMI Guidelines.Stefan JAMES (Uppsala, Sweden)
14:101911Acute cardiac care in stable and unstable STEMI.Pascal VRANCKX (Hasselt, Belgium)
14:251912Primary PCI and fibrinolysis procedures.Sigrun HALVORSEN (Oslo, Norway)
14:401913Long-term therapies after STEMI.Eva PRESCOTT (Copenhagen, Denmark)
14:501914Myocardial infarction with normal coronary arteries.Stefan AGEWALL (Oslo, Norway)
15:001915Quality indicators in STEMI: measure to improve.Hector BUENO (Madrid, Spain)
15:101916Future challenges in STEMI treatment.Borja IBANEZ (Madrid, Spain)