ESC Congress 2017

26 - 30 August 2017, Barcelona - Spain

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Poster session 6 : Non-invasive diagnostic methods
Tue 29 Aug 08:30 - 12:30 Miscellaneous Poster Session Posters - Poster Area
Learning Objectives: Posters are on display from 08:30 – 12:30. Presenters will be by their poster during the coffee break from 10:00 and 11:00 for posters viewing time.

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08:30P5501Non-invasive programmed ventricular stimulation predicts arrhythmic events in patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillator - results from the NIPS-ICD study.Piotr Radoslaw FUTYMA (Rzeszow, Poland)
08:30P5502Value of current density dispersion alternans assessed by magnetocardiography mapping in patients with ischemic heart disease and ventricular arrhythmias Sergey KOZHUKHOV (Kiev, Ukraine)
08:30P5503Effect of beta-blockade on quantitative microvolt T-wave alternans measured in 24-hour continuous 12-lead ECGs in patients with long QT syndrome.Nobuhiro TAKASUGI (Gifu, Japan)
08:30P5504Diagnostic yield of 7-days versus 21-days recordings by using a new wearable wireless continuous ambulatory ECG recorderEmanuela Teresa LOCATI (Milano, Italy)
08:30P5506Relationship between electrical and myocardial abnormalities in patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1Anca FLORIAN (Muenster, Germany)
08:30P5507Association of PR interval with echocardiographic parameters and biomarkers: insights from the LIFE-Adult-Study.Jelena KORNEJ (Leipzig, Germany)
08:30P5508Microvolt T-wave alternans and heart rate turbulence in patients with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia.Tatiana KURILENKO (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)
08:30P5509The use of three-dimensional echocardiography to measure left ventricular ejection fraction would increase the number of patients with indication to receive implantable cardioverter defibrillators. Hugo RODRIGUEZ ZANELLA (Mexico City, Mexico)
08:30P5510An innovative miniature patch ambulatory electrocardiographic recorderMadalena COUTINHO CRUZ (Lisbon, Portugal)
08:30P5511Diagnosis accuracy of provocative test in concealed long QT syndrome.Pauline ETIENNE (Nantes, France)
08:30P5512A new national board of health recommandation - download the heart lung resuscitation data from the automatic external defibrillator to clarify the diagnosis and find the optimal treatmentFinn Lund HENRIKSEN (Odense S.V., Denmark)
08:30P5514Pitfalls in automated QTc measurements. Experience from a manual review.Jacob THALAMUS (Skien, Norway)
08:30P5515Utility of magnetocardiography for detection of ischemia-induced repolarisation dispersion abnormalities in patients with coronary artery diseaseVolodymyr SOSNYTSKYY (Kiev, Ukraine)
08:30P5517Unshielded magnetocardiographic mapping: repeatability and reproducibility of ventricular repolarization parameters in 204 healthy subjects Donatella BRISINDA (Rome, Italy)
08:30P5518Reduced heart rate response after premature ventricular contraction in mildly symptomatic patients with atrial fibrillation: analysis on heart rate turbulence.Hisaki MAKIMOTO (Duesseldorf, Germany)
08:30P5519Wireless ambulatory electrocardiogram monitoring: a real-world validation study.David DEL VAL MARTIN (Madrid, Spain)
08:30P5521Impaired circadian properties of Beat to Beat Deceleration Capacity of heart rate predict arrhythmic events in heart failure patients.Polychronis E DILAVERIS (Athens, Greece)
08:30P5522Supine position during sleep in patients with suspected or diagnosed arrhythmia - an important factor that determines the presence of sleep apneaRafal BARANOWSKI (Warszawa, Poland)
08:30P5523Marked exercise-induced T-wave heterogeneity in diabetic patients with non-flow limiting coronary artery stenosis and impaired coronary flow reserveFernando STOCCO (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
08:30P5524T wave alternans extracted from 30 minutes short resting Holter ECG recordings predicts mortality in Heart Failure. Polychronis E DILAVERIS (Athens, Greece)
08:30P5525Normative values of short-term heart rate variability parameters in Koreans and their clinical value for the prediction of mortality.Chan-Hee LEE (Daegu, Korea Republic of)
08:30P5526Reproducibility and spatial accuracy of magnetocardiographic source localization: a phantom study in an unshielded laboratory for interventional electrophysiologyGianmarco LOMBARDI (Rome, Italy)
08:30P5527Additive value of myocardial sympathetic innervation study with I123-mIBG scintigraphy in patients eligible for primary-prevention ICD implantationVincenzo EVOLA (Cinisi, Italy)
08:30P5528The positive result of late potential after percutaneous coronary intervention for acute coronary syndromes may help the evaluation of the cardiovascular events.Mari AMINO (Isehara, Japan)
08:30P5529Difference of late potentials detected by signal-averaged ECG in patients with spontaneous or drug-induced type 1 electrocardiogram pattern of Brugada syndromeJoao Pedro RIBEIRO AGOSTINHO (Lisboa, Portugal)
08:30P5530Is the portable device personal analyser a reliable telemonitoring device for prompt diagnosis and timely treatment of patients at high risk after their discharge from intensive care unit?Krasimira KOSHTIKOVA (Sofia, Bulgaria)
08:30P5532Automatic recognition of apnea/hypopnea and relation with atrial tachyarrithmias burden in pacemakers carriers. Results from an advance algorithm using transthoracic impedanceLuis ALMEIDA MORAIS (Lisbon, Portugal)