ESC Congress 2018

25 - 29 August 2018, Munich - Germany

Session Details

Mon 27 Aug 14:30 - 15:45 Digital Health: Big Data Analysis Symposium, Digital Health, Mobile App - Ask a Question Digital Health Stage - Exhibition 3
Chairpersons: Panagiotis VARDAS (Heraklion, Greece), Diederick E GROBBEE (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Learning Objectives: This is a mobile app interactive session, Audience can use "Ask" to send their questions directly to the chairpersons.

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List of Presentations

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14:304070BigData@Heart goals.Panagiotis VARDAS (Heraklion, Greece), Diederick E GROBBEE (Utrecht, Netherlands)
14:484071Big data approaches .Harry HEMINGWAY (London, United Kingdom)
15:074072Case study on comparative prevalence of heart failure across 4 European countries using a Big Data approach . 
15:264073New working definitions of atrial fibrillation, acute coronary disease and heart failure .Stefan ANKER (Berlin, Germany)