ESC Congress 2018

25 - 29 August 2018, Munich - Germany

Session Details

HDL cholesterol - A moving target
Sat 25 Aug 09:00 - 10:30 Lipids Advances in Science, Abstract-based Programme, Mobile App - Ask a Question Bern - Village 1
Chairpersons: Vera BITTNER (Birmingham, United States of America), Jeanine ROETERS VAN LENNEP (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Learning Objectives: This is a mobile app interactive session, Audience can use "Ask" to send their questions directly to the chairpersons.

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09:0049Mechanistic insights into HDL cholesterol - Current insights.Anne TYBJAERG-HANSEN (Copenhagen, Denmark)
09:1850Elevated HDL-C is associated with adverse cardiovascular outcomesMarc ALLARD-RATICK (Atlanta, United States of America)
09:3651Serum modified high density lipoprotein levels assessed by a novel assay was associated with coronary artery calcification in an apparently healthy populationTomonori OKAMURA (Tokyo, Japan)
09:5452Therapy with cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) inhibitors and diabetes risk . A Meta-analysis.Lorenzo Martin LOBO (Lujan, Argentina)
10:1253Next steps in addressing HDL cholesterol clinical practice.Alberico CATAPANO (Milan, Italy)