31 August - 04 September 2019, Paris - France

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Predicting outcomes after aortic valve intervention
Sun 01 Sep 11:00 - 12:30 Imaging: Valve Disease Advances in Science, Abstract-based Programme Nicosia - Village 1
Chairpersons: Giuseppe TARANTINI (Padua, Italy), Catherine M OTTO (Seattle, United States of America)

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11:001334State of the Art - Imaging to predict outcomes after surgical and percutaneous aortic valve replacementGerry MCCANN (Leicester, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
11:181335Tricuspid anular dilatation is associated with higher mortality in patients undergoing TAVRSimon David Christopher DESEIVE (Munich, Germany)
11:361336Outcome analysis of systolic or diastolic CT acquisition prior to transcatheter aortic valve replacement to estimate prothesis sizeJulius STEFFEN (Munich, Germany)
11:541337Myocardial extracellular volume in patients with aortic stenosis undergoing valve intervention - A multicentre T1 mapping studyRussell EVERETT (Edinburgh, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
12:121338The incidence and prognostic implications of worsening right ventricular function after surgical or transcatheter aortic valve replacement: insights from PARTNER IIA.Wael JABER (Cleveland, United States of America)