EuroHeartCare 2019

02 - 04 May 2019, Milan - Italy

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Pre-conference workshop: - Advanced practice: how to implement it into clinical practice and how to generate research
Thu 02 May 16:00 - 18:30 Association of Cardiovascular Nursing & Allied Professions Workshop Turquoise 1 -
Chairpersons: Geraldine LEE (London, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland), Margret SVAVARSDOTTIR (Akureyri, Iceland)
Subtitle: Organised by the Science Committee of ACNAP
Learning Objectives: This workshop is aimed at: • clinically-based healthcare professionals, both nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals, • doctoral and post-doctoral students & • those involved or interested in clinical research. The topic for the workshop is on advanced practice and how nurses and Allied Healthcare Professional-led care is now routinely part of clinical practice. This workshop will outline what is advanced practice, how it can be developed and implemented into cardiovascular care. The workshop will include a presentation by Dr Jeroen Hendriks who is an expert in integrated care and atrial fibrillation and Dr Rani Khatib, a clinical pharmacist who runs his own clinics and Dr Gerry Lee who is a Reader in Advanced Clinical Practice in London. There will be plenty of opportunities for discussion and if you want to ask a specific question related to your clinical practice and also any related research, there will be plenty of time to do this. We look forward to seeing you in Milan. Presentation 1- What is Advanced Clinical Practice? ~ This presentation will outline what is advanced clinical practice, its history and its current status. Gerry will discuss how Advanced Clinical Practice has developed in the UK and is now a multi-professional role that includes pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians, etc and how it works in clinical practice. - Presentation 2 - What is integrated care? ~ Dr Hendriks will describe what is integrated care, how it has been applied to Atrial Fibrillation and how can you implement integrated care into practice. Jeroen will talk about how integrated care works with a multidisciplinary team and how it improves patient outcomes. - Presentation 3 - A Pharmacist-led service in cardiovascular care ~ Dr Khatib will describe his clincial role with his pharmacist-led clinics and he will outline how Medicines Optimisation Clinic Consultation works and how it addresses individual patient needs. Rani will outline how pharmacists are now central to patient care. -

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16:001Introduction and welcome. 
16:102What is advanced clincial practice? 
16:303What is integrated care? 
16:504A pharmacist-led service in cardiovascular care. 
17:105Open discussion and interactions with the audience. 
17:506Small group work with committee and presenters. 
18:207Closing comments.