28 August - 01 September 2010, Stockholm - Sweden

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Poster session 4: Cardiac biology: ischaemia metabolism development
Mon 30 Aug 14:00 - 18:00 Ischaemia and protection Poster Session Posters - Zone A

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14:00P3192Availability of endothelial nitric oxide synthase substrate L-arginine is crucial for neuregulin-1beta mediated postconditioningBernd EBNER (Dresden, DE)
14:00P3193Dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors limit myocardial infarct size in a glucose-sensitive mannerDerek John HAUSENLOY (London, GB)
14:00P3194Opioid receptor agonist eribis peptide 94 reduces infarct size in different porcine models for ischemia and reperfusionLars KARLSSON (Gothenburg, SE)
14:00P3195Loss of PKR1 in mice leads to heart and kidney abnormalitiesCanan NEBIGIL (Illkirch, FR)
14:00P3196Decreased rho kinase (ROCK) activity by angiotensin converting enzyme Inhibitor (ACEi) is associated with improved left ventricular function in heart failure patients Ping-Yen LIU (Tainan, TW)
14:00P3197S100B-induced myocyte growth is RAGE (receptor for advanced glycation end products) dependent and involves cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 signalingJames TSOPORIS (Toronto, CA)
14:00P3198Increased plasma concentrations of insulin-like growth factor-1 and erythropoietin with number of metabolic syndrome components in patients with ischemic heart diseaseAlberto LAVORGNA (Telese Terme, IT)
14:00P3199Novel alternatively spliced form of natriuretic peptide convertase corin in human cardiac fibroblasts Brenda HUNTLEY (Rochester, Minnesota, US)
14:00P3200Regulation of angiotensin converting enzyme II by angiotensin peptides in human cardiofibroblastsChih-Sheng LIN (Hisnchu, TW)
14:00P3201Assaying the abilty of primary fibroblasts to undergo cardiac myoblast differentiation in vitroTo Be Announced
14:00P3202Long-term exposure of obesity induced by unsaturated high-fat diet alters the gene expression and promotes reduction of phospholamban phosphorylationTo Be Announced
14:00P3203Different patterns of angiogenic activation in the heart tissue of patients with advanced chronic heart failureAlessandro MEZZANI (Veruno (No), IT)
14:00P3204Ca2+-handling disturbances induced by hypertriglyceridemia are enhanced by hypoxia in rat neonatal cardiomyocytesVicenta LLORENTE-CORTES (Barcelona, ES)
14:00P3205Anti-inflammatory effects of pentraxin 3 in human visceral adipocytes by reducing reactive oxygen species production Minako YAMAOKA-TOJO (Sagamihara, JP)
14:00P3206Metabolomics allows for a fast and accurate diagnosis of myocardial ischemia.Maria Jose FORTEZA (Valencia, ES)
14:00P3207Implications of insulin sensitivity on inflammatory activation and atherogenic risk in normal and PCOS females Wai Ping Alicia CHAN (Parkside, AU)
14:00P3208Coronary microvascular dysfunction is linked to altered TPRV1 channels function in metabolic syndrome Giacinta GUARINI (Rootstown, US)
14:00P3209Beneficial effect of irbesartan on arterial stiffness in hypertensive patients with metabolic syndromeStella-Maria KYVELOU (Athens, GR)
14:00P3210Chronic and acute treatment with atorvastatin and omega-3 fatty acids protects against malignant arrhythmias. Are intercellular connexin channels implicated?Narcisa TRIBULOVA (Bratislava, SK)
14:00P3211Insulin receptor substrate-1 (IRS1) is increased in diabetes mellitus patients with acute coronary syndromeHector BUENO (Madrid, ES)
14:00P3212TGF-beta promotes myofibroblasts differentiation and acquisition of specific adherens junctions in mitral valve prolapseStefania RIZZO (Padova, IT)
14:00P3213Site specificity of adventitial inflammation during the development of atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E knockout miceToshihiro TSURUDA (Kiyotake, JP)
14:00P3214Correlates of cardiac remodeling over the life courseSusan CHENG (Cambridge, US)
14:00P3215Plakophilin-2 positive cell-cell junctions in cardiac myxomaStefania RIZZO (Padova, IT)
14:00P3216Novel chimeric natriuretic peptide CD-NP decreases fibrosis and improves diastolic dysfunction associated with mild renal insufficiencyFernando MARTIN (Rochester, US)
14:00P3217Reciprocal organ damage in combined experimental chronic kidney disease and heart failureLennart Guido BONGARTZ (Utrecht, NL)
14:00P3218Lack of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects of chronic treatment with clopidogrel in patients with stable coronary artery diseaseMir Abolfazl OSTAD (Mainz, DE)