08 - 11 December 2010, Copenhagen - Denmark

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Poster session 1:Tissue Doppler and speckle tracking
Thu 09 Dec 08:30:00 Clinical applications Poster Session Poster area - Poster Area

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08:30P314The relationship of new echocardiographic indexes to pulmonary wedge pressure in patients with heart failureL Spinarova (Brno, CZ)
08:30P315Speckle tracking analysis of left atrial functional and deformation properties can predict the success of pulmonary vein ablationC Hammerstingl (Bonn, DE)
08:30P316Changes in left atrial function are related to the type rather than the extent of left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with hypertension, aortic stenosis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathyCC Beladan (Ramnicu Valcea, RO)
08:30P317childhood obesity and abnormal left ventricular geometry and function: a speckle traking study in 650 subjects.G Di Salvo (Naples, IT)
08:30P318Immediate improvements in systolic and diastolic left ventricular function after transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) in high risk patientsP S Halvorsen (Oslo, NO)
08:30P319Childhood overweight affects vascular and left ventricular myocardial structure and function.L P Koopman (Rotterdam, NL)
08:30P320Masked hypertension in young patients after successful aortic coarctation repair: a speckle traking studyG Di Salvo (Naples, IT)
08:30P321Left ventricular torsional dynamics and elastic properties of the ascending aorta in severe aortic stenosisA Calin (Bucharest, RO)
08:30P322Quantification of apical shuffle is robust parameter for predicting response to CRTT Arita (Kitakyushu, JP)
08:30P323The severity of an untreated obstructive sleep apnea syndrome correlates with left- ventricular dysfunction and a reduced right ventricular deformation capability - The Sleeping-Heart- Study.C Hammerstingl (Bonn, DE)
08:30P324Prognostic value of a novel Tissue Doppler index in patients with left ventricular dysfunctionC Mornos (Timisoara, RO)
08:30P325The right ventricle in Fabry disease - natural history and impact of enzyme replacement therapyM Niemann (Wuerzburg, DE)
08:30P326Speckle tracking is a feasible and reproducible method for the assessment of right ventricular function in patients operated on for congenital heart diseases. M Morel (Besancon, FR)
08:30P327Assessment of aortic stiffness in endurance athletes by strain Doppler echocardiographyL Capotosto (Fondi, IT)
08:30P328Aortic valve replacement normalizes the exaggerated twist in patients with aortic stenosis and preserved ejection fractionG Bajraktari (Prishtina, KS)
08:30P329Impact of arteriovenous fistula flow on right ventricular myocardial performance index in patients with end stage renal disease: a three month follow up tissue Doppler echocardiographic study  
08:30P330Relationship of echocardiographic parameters of dyssynchrony to local electrical activation measured during cardiac resynchronisation therapy implantationM Luckie (Manchester, GB)
08:30P3312D speckle tracking analysis of right atrium in patients with pulmonary hypertensionJ Schwartz (Nancy, FR)
08:30P332Early detection of chemotherapy-related cardiotoxicityE Kinova (Sofia, BG)
08:30P333Echocardiographic deformation imaging identifies the exact localization of accessory atrioventricular pathways in wolff-parkinson-white syndrome AJ Teske (Utrecht, NL)
08:30P334LV apical twist rate and torsion rate are decreased in children exposed to anthracyclinesR Dillenburg (Stoney Creek, CA)
08:30P335The predictive value of E/E' ratio and left atrial appendage function for atrial fibrillation recurrence after successful cardioversion 
08:30P336Youth-does it protect against the acute and chronic deleterious effects of cigarette smoking on diastolic function and arterial stiffness?E M M Ho (Dublin, IE)
08:30P337Mitral annular tissue Doppler velocities are associated with cardiac risk factors in a healthy populationH Dalen (Levanger, NO)
08:30P338Prediction of LV remodeling after STEMI. Role of speckle tracking echocardiography T Bochenek (Katowice, PL)
08:30P3392-D strain can predict effectively atrial fibrillation in beta-thalassemia major patients E Hamodraka (Athens, GR)
08:30P340Subclinical chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity: a speckle tracking echocardiographic studyL Sirugo (Avola, IT)
08:30P341The relation of nocturnal blood pressure variation to left atrial function evaluated using strain imaging and serologic markersCS Park (Bucheon, KR)
08:30P342Strain and strain rate parameters assessed by tissue doppler and speckle tracking: comparison of the results and analysis of intra-observer variability.A Fontana (Monza, IT)
08:30P343Left atrial myocardial longitudinal function in hypertensive patients with a various degree of the left ventricular hypertrophy: a two-dimensional speckle tracking studyA Kalinin (Riga, LV)
08:30P344Clinical and hemodynamic significance of myocardial dyssynchrony in patients with congestive heart failure and various QRS complex width.M Trukshina (St. Petersburg, RU)
08:30P345Myocardial performance index by tissue doppler imaging m-mode predicts mortality in the general populationT Biering-Sorensen (Copenhagen, DK)
08:30P346Left atrial myocardial dysfunction detected by speckle tracking in patients with systemic sclerosisL Gargani (Pisa, IT)
08:30P347Radial and circumferential strain and strain rate in healthy young adults: the REPLICA studyE G Malev (Saint-Petersburg, RU)
08:30P348Left ventricular torsion in patients with aortic regurgitation. A speckle-tracking echocardiography studyR Enache (Bucharest, RO)
08:30P349Relationship between the latest left ventricular activation site and wall motion abnormality in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy M Rezvanfard (Tehran, IR)