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Poster Session 3: Clinicial Outcome
17 May 08:30 - 12:30 CAD and diabetes, renal disease, gender risk factors Poster Session Poster area - Poster Area

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08:30295Diabetics at low-to-intermediate pre-test probability for coronary artery disease and their SPECT MPI scans: what does the outcome data tell us?Y-J F Keng (Singapore, SG)
08:30296Role of diabetes in the clinical outcome of patients submitted to a myocardical perfusion SPECTV Pubul (Santiago De Compostela, ES)
08:30297Cardiorenal scintigraphy in diabetic patientsA Jimenez-Heffernan (Huelva, ES)
08:30298"Get with the guidelines" in Italy: favorable impact of a secondary-care hospital experience of perioperative myocardial SPET appropriatenessD Pontillo (Montefiascone, IT)
08:30299Automatically measured TID ratio in detection of severe and extensive CAD in regadenoson MPIY Golzar (Chicago, US)
08:30300Identifying suitable candidates for coronary computed tomography angiography and stress myocardial perfusion imagingH Fukuda (Tokyo, JP)
08:30301Incidence and predictors of coronary artery disease in patients with low coronary artery calcium score. Multislice computed tomography study.E Kaczmarska (Warsaw, PL)
08:30302The impact of adherence to appropriate use criteria of cardiac SPECT on myocardial perfusion imaging findingsR Doukky (Chicago, US)
08:30303Differential predictors for different cardiac events derived from SPECT MPIM Vavlukis (Skopje, MK)
08:30304Prevalence and significance of ST depression during myocardial perfusion scan with adenosine stress in octogenariansA Katsikis (Athens, GR)
08:30305The risk of chronic kidney disease for later major cardiac events in patients with initial acute myocardial infarctionY Yoshimura (Takasaki, JP)

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