ESC Congress 2011

27 - 31 August 2011, Paris - France

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Poster session 2: Secondary prevention: interventions and outcomes
Sun 28 Aug 14:00 - 18:00 Secondary cardiovascular prevention: interventions and outcomes Poster Session Posters - Poster Zone C

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14:00P1503HIV-infected status is associated with an increased recurrence of acute coronary syndrome. Final results of long term follow up in the PACS-HIV study.Franck BOCCARA (Paris Cedex 12, FR)
14:00P1504Exercise training vs. PCI/stenting in stable coronary artery disease: long term effects on antiatherosclerotic mediators.Maximilian VON ROEDER (Leipzig, DE)
14:00P1505Impact of diabetes on LDL-cholesterol target achievement in patients with cardiovascular disease in clinical practice in Europe and Canada: results of the dyslipidemia international studyAnselm Kai GITT (Ludwigshafen, DE)
14:00P1506Blood pressure related risk for vascular events and mortality differs according to localization of vascular disease and presence of type 2 diabetes mellitusJannick DORRESTEIJN (Utrecht, NL)
14:00P1507Evidence of cardiovascular therapy undertreatment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis despite established cardiovascular disease - a danish nationwide register study.Ole AHLEHOFF (Roskilde, DK)
14:00P1508Survival and quality of life 25 years after coronary artery bypass graft surgeryJayant KAKARLA (Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB)
14:00P1509Enhanced cerebrovascular protective effects of valsartan in high-risk hypertensive patients with coronary artery disease: ancillary analysis of KYOTO HEART studyJun SHIRAISHI (Kyoto, JP)
14:00P1510Failure to attain low density lipoprotein cholesterol goal <70 mg/dL and loss of extra clinical benefit in very high risk stable coronary patients: a three year follow-up Loukianos RALLIDIS (Argiroupolis, GR)
14:00P1511A new metabolic risk score to predict short-term outcome after an acute coronary syndromePedro Filipe MONTEIRO (Coimbra, PT)
14:00P1512Effectiveness in primary care of low-dose acetylsalicylic acid, clopidogrel and dual antiplatelet therapy for the secondary prevention of coronary outcomesHector BUENO (Madrid, ES)
14:00P1513RESICARD prevention trial: a randomized multicentre study comparing standard care with supervised nurse-led therapeutic education. Results of a french network of cardiac risk-factor correctionAriel COHEN (Paris Cedex 12, FR)
14:00P1514Apolipoprotein A-I induction therapy is associated with reduction in inflammatory biomarkers: potential implications for functionality of high-density lipoproteinsStephen James NICHOLLS (Adelaide, AU)
14:00P1515A randomized controlled trial to test an intervention to reduce pre-hospital delay time in patients diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome (ACS).Mary MOONEY (Dublin, IE)
14:00P1516Beta blocker therapy is associated with depressive symptoms 12 months post percutaneous coronary interventionLinda BATTES (Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, NL)
14:00P1517(W)Can we increase awareness, understanding and knowledge of the warning signs of heart attack with a social marketing campaign?To Be Announced
14:00P1518Symptoms of anxiety and depression after percutaneous coronary intervention are associated with decreased heart rate variability, impaired endothelial function and inreased inflammationPeter Scott MUNK (Stavanger, NO)
14:00P1519Automated outreach for cholesterol-lowering medication refill remindersKristi REYNOLDS (Pasadena, US)
14:00P1520Risk factors control, treatment of atherothrombosis and habits of life in the secondary preventions of cardiovascular diseaseEnrique OTERO CHULIAN (Cadiz, ES)
14:00P1521The factors that influence pre hospital delay time in acute coronary syndrome patients Gabrielle MCKEE (Dublin, IE)
14:00P1522Do cardiovascular patients with multivascular disease constitute an important clinical subgroup?Janette GREENHALGH (Liverpool, GB)
14:00P1523One-year cardiovascular ischemic event rates in high risk outpatients in southern Spain: The PREVENT-A registryEmilio GONZALEZ COCINA (Marbella, ES)
14:00P1524Prognostic role of pVO2 in 2011 in an unselected Italian population with cardiac diseaseLuigi Emilio PASTORMERLO (Prato, IT)
14:00P1525The quality of cardiovascular care delivery in primary care in canadaClare LIDDY (Ottawa, CA)