ESC Congress 2011

27 - 31 August 2011, Paris - France

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Poster session 3: Atrial fibrillation mechanism
Mon 29 Aug 08:30 - 12:30 Atrial fibrillation (AF) Poster Session Posters - Poster Zone C

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08:30P2641Effects of atrial fibrillation on the distribution, dimensions, and frequency of calcium sparks in human atrial myocytesLeif HOVE-MADSEN (Barcelona, ES)
08:30P2642The effect of apocynin as an NADPH oxidase inhibitor on acute atrial electrical remodeling in rabbitsTo Be Announced
08:30P2643Demonstrating localized electrical rotors that perpetuate human atrial fibrillationSanjiv NARAYAN (San Diego, US)
08:30P2644Enalapril, irbesartan, and angiotensin-(1-7) prevent atrial tachycardia-induced electrical remodeling.Enzhao LIU (Tianjin, CN)
08:30P2645Prediction of recurrences in patients with lone atrial fibrillation using wavelet analysisGiorgos DAKOS (Thessaloniki, GR)
08:30P2646Preoperative P-wave predicts atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass graft:results from Beijing China and a conbination of meta-analysisTo Be Announced
08:30P2647(W)Atrial fibrillatory rate accelerates during the first hours of spontaneous atrial fibrillation: the first human data on the time course of electrical remodeling using implantable loop recorderTo Be Announced
08:30P2648Identification of lone atrial fibrillation excitation patterns using wavelet analysisGiorgos DAKOS (Thessaloniki, GR)
08:30P2649Reentrant rotors and focal beats may cause human atrial fibrillationSanjiv NARAYAN (San Diego, US)
08:30P2650Multiple biomarkers in atrial fibrillation - the gutenberg heart studyRenate B SCHNABEL (Hamburg, DE)
08:30P2651Mutations in KCNA5: a common cause of early-onset lone atrial fibrillation?Ingrid Elisabeth CHRISTOPHERSEN (Gjettum, NO)
08:30P2652Myocardial superoxide and peroxynitrite as strong independent predictors of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation post-CABGMichael DEMOSTHENOUS (Athens, GR)
08:30P2653Evaluation of age-related left atrial structural changes in atrial fibrillation patients using delayed-enhancement mriTroy BADGER (Midvale, US)
08:30P2654Elevated expression of connective tissue growth factor in human atrial fibrillation and angiotensin II-treated cardiomyocytesWen-Chin KO (Taipei, TW)
08:30P2655Chronic inflammation in atrial walls, major pathways and left ventricle is linked to the history of atrial fibrillation and extent of interstitial fibrosisLubov MITROFANOVA (St. Petersburg, RU)
08:30P2656Facilitation of AF by intermittent pacing mimicking pulmonary vein tachycardia is mediated by a shortening of ERP and shift of protective intermittent atrial capture towards higher pacing ratesJoanna TENKORANG (London, GB)
08:30P2657Chronic atrial fibrillation impairs endothelial function that improves after sinus rhythm restoration by catheter ablation.Satoshi YOSHINO (Kagoshima, JP)
08:30P2658Progressive atrial remodeling in chronic spontaneous hypertensionDennis LAU (Maastricht, NL)
08:30P2659NT-proBNP predicts new-onset atrial fibrillation in patients with asymptomatic aortic stenosis - a SEAS substudyCasper BANG (Copenhagen, DK)
08:30P2660CYP2J2 overexpression prevents remodeling and atrial fibrillation in chronic beta-adrenergic hypertrophyRobert FISCHER (Berlin, DE)
08:30P2661Atrial fibrillation and cardiotrophin-1Ibrahim ALTUN (Istanbul, TR)
08:30P2662Circulating factor seven activating protease (FSAP) is associated with clinical outcome in patients with atrial fibrillationMariana PARAHULEVA (Giessen, DE)
08:30P2663Paroxysmal, but not persistent atrial fibrillation, is associated with increased left atrial levels of vascular endothelial growth factorAlina SCRIDON (Targu Mures, RO)
08:30P2664Predictive value of plasma von willebrand factor and adamts13 as markers of endothelial dysfunction in patients with atrial fibrillationMatthias FREYNHOFER (Vienna, AT)
08:30P2665Mid-regional pro atrial natriuretic peptide allows the accurate identification of patients with atrial fibrillation of short time of onsetChristophe MEUNE (Paris, FR)
08:30P2666Elevated concentration of pentraxin 3 is associated with local inflammation in atrial fibrillationTakeshi SOEKI (Tokushima, JP)
08:30P2667Extracellular matrix alterations after sinus rhythm restoration in patients with persistent atrial fibrillationEleftherios KALLERGIS (Heraklion, GR)
08:30P2668Enalapril, irbesartan and angiotensin-(1-7) prevent atrial tachycardia-induced sodium channel remodelingTo Be Announced
08:30P2669Role of microRNA-21 for atrial fibrosis and atrial fibrillationOliver ADAM (Homburg/Saar, DE)