ESC Congress 2011

27 - 31 August 2011, Paris - France

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Poster session 6: Stem cells - Do all roads load to regeneration?
Tue 30 Aug 14:00 - 18:00 Stem cells and cell therapy Poster Session Posters - Poster Zone C

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14:00P4660LQTS2 modelling with patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cell -derived cardiomyocytesVille KUJALA (Cambridge, US)
14:00P4661The role of microRNA-145 in the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into smooth muscle cellsKenichi YAMAHARA (Suita, JP)
14:00P4662Central role of cardiomyocytes in cell therapy: transplantation of cardiac tissue sheets with defined cell populations from pluripotent stem cellsHidetoshi MASUMOTO (Kyoto, JP)
14:00P4663Excitation propagation in cardiac cell monolayer derived from human pluripotent stem cellsShin KADOTA (Kyoto, JP)
14:00P4664Induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes integrate electrically after transplantation in murine heartsGabriel PEINKOFER (Koeln, DE)
14:00P4665Transendocardial cell injection is not superior compared with intracoronary infusion in a porcine model of chronic ischemic heart disease: a randomized study imaging labelled cells.Tycho VAN DER SPOEL (Utrecht, NL)
14:00P4666Effect of intracoronary injection of mononuclear bone marrow cells on electrocardiographic parameters in patients after acute myocardial infarction: two year follow-up studyEwa TRZOS (Lodz, PL)
14:00P4667Exercise capacity, arrhythmic risk profile and pulmonary function is not influenced by bone marrow stem cells i.c. infusion in patients with acute myocardial infarctionMalgorzata POPIEL (Poznan, PL)
14:00P4668Effect of autologous 5-azacytidine-cultured bone-marrow stem cells on perfusion and left ventricular function in patients with heart failureTatiana M BELYAVSKAYA (Moscow, RU)
14:00P4669Subpopulations of c-kit+ HSC display differences in proliferation potential and gene expression pattern after CFU assayPeter MARK (Rostock, DE)
14:00P4670Perivascular administration of mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow inhibits neointimal formation in a paracine fashion in rat carotid arteriesYoshitaka ISO (Kanagawa, JP)
14:00P4671Intramyocardial bone marrow cell injection in patients with chronic myocardial ischemia: results long term follow-upSander Frans RODRIGO (Leiden, NL)
14:00P4672Essential, but not differential role of CXCR7 and CXCR4 on platelet-derived SDF-1-mediated adhesion of human CD34+ cells in vitro and after vascular injury in vivoKonstantinos STELLOS (Frankfurt Am Main, DE)
14:00P4673Functional restoration of hyperglycemia-exposed bone marrow stem cells by oxytocinYoungkeun AHN (Gwangju, KR)
14:00P4674Intracoronary bone marrow derived CD34+ cells improve left ventricular function in patients with severe dilated cardiopathyJorge BARTOLUCCI (Santiago, CL)
14:00P4675Cardiomyocyte damage-released extracellular S100A1 protein promotes regeneration of infarcted myocardium by enhanced egress of bone marrow-derived progenitor cellsDavid ROHDE (Heidelberg, DE)
14:00P4676Bone marrow stem-cell therapy for idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathyJose SUAREZ DE LEZO (Cordoba, ES)
14:00P4677Identification of bmsp-1 by bioinformatic secretome analysis as a novel cardioprotective protein produced by human cxcr4+ bone marrow cellsMortimer KORF-KLINGEBIEL (Hannover, DE)
14:00P4678Human relevance of pre-clinical studies in stem cell therapy; overview and meta-analysis of large animal models of ischemic heart diseaseTycho VAN DER SPOEL (Utrecht, NL)
14:00P4679Matrix metalloproteinases and transforming growth factor beta gene expression - an interaction of pro- and antiatherosclerotic factors in acute coronary syndromesAndrzej KULACH (Katowice, PL)