EUROECHO & other Imaging Modalities 2011

07 - 10 December 2011, Budapest - Hungary

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New dimensions in left ventricular assessment
Thu 08 Dec 11:00 - 12:30 Unknown Abstract Session Kaposvar - Lecture room
Chairpersons: N Cardim (Lisbon, PT), A N Neskovic (Belgrade, RS), E Donal (Rennes, FR), T Edvardsen (Oslo, NO), F E Calvo Iglesias (Vigo, ES)

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11:00151Evidence of impaired left ventricular strain and torsion despite normal ejection fraction in cardiac transplanted children and adolescents: a speckle-tracking study.G Rinelli (Roma, IT)
11:15152LV twist mechanics in acute aortic regurgitation; 2D speckle tracking echocardiography study in canine model.S-A Chang (Seoul, KR)
11:30153Three-dimensional derived global area strain characterizes early left ventricular dysfunction in young hypertensive patients.R Ippolito (Naples, IT)
11:45154Regional left ventricular deformation: quantification of 3D and 2D speckle tracking.M Trache (Leipzig, DE)
12:00155Assessment of left ventricular function by real-time three-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography compared to magnetic resonance imaging.C Bremont (Paris, FR)
12:15156Editorial.F E Calvo Iglesias (Vigo, ES)