FCVB 2012

30 March - 01 April 2012, London - United Kingdom

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Poster Session 3: Lipids, Atherosclerosis - Reviewers: D.J.G.M. Duncker, P. Volders
Sun 01 Apr 09:00 - 18:00 Atherosclerosis Poster Session Poster Area - Poster Area
Chairpersons: G L Smith (Glasgow, GB), A Angelini (Padova, IT), F Pavone (Sesto-Fiorentino, IT), F Di Lisa (Padua, IT), M Mercola (La Jolla, US), M Aberg (Uppsala, SE), J van der Velden (Amsterdam, NL), A C Van Der Wal (Amsterdam, NL), S Heymans (Maastricht, NL), DJGM Duncker (Rotterdam, NL), PGA Volders (Maastricht, NL), M Avkiran (London, GB), M D Schneider (London, GB), A Ahluwalia (London, GB), J Gorelik (London, GB), D J Stuckey (London, GB), J D Pearson (London, GB), S Marston (London, GB), R M Botnar (London, GB), D J Hausenloy (London, GB), D Brook (Nottingham, GB), G Antoons (Graz, AT), L Bertrand (Brussels, BE), J L Balligand (Brussels, BE), S Horman (Brussels, BE), K R Sipido (Leuven, BE), F Charpentier (Nantes Cedex 1, FR), S Sperling (Berlin, DE), S Massberg (Munich, DE), R T Megens (Munich, DE), A Koller (Pecs, HU), L Gepstein (Haifa, IL), G Ambrosio (Perugia, IT), P F Davies (Philadelphia, US)

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09:00P597Impact of a nutrition education intervention on weight loss in obese adolescents with metabolic syndrome 
09:00P598Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Iranian obese adolescents 
09:00P599Oxidized LDL-Cholesterol induces endothelial dysfunction and LOX-1 in human macrophagesA Leuner (Dresden, DE)
09:00P600Angio-associated migratory cell protein facilitates response-to-injury associated endothelial progenitor cell and monocyte arterial adhesionF Vogt (Aachen, DE)
09:00P601Dissociating endothelial (dys)function and atherosclerosis initiation and progression: a challenge to the response-to-injury hypothesisB de Geest (Leuven, BE)
09:00P602The lysosomal transfer of LDL/cholesterol from macrophages into vascular smooth muscle cells results in their phenotypic alterationS Weinert (Magdeburg, DE)
09:00P603CD40 ligation promotes von Willebrand factor-mediated platelet adhesion and subsequent pro-atherogenic monocyte recruitment to endothelial cellsM Hecker (Heidelberg, DE)
09:00P604B regulatory cells mediate atheroprotection via IL-10A Cross (London, GB)
09:00P606CB1 cannabinoid receptor antagonism inhibits balloon-induced neointima formation in atherosclerotic miceF Molica (Geneve 4, CH)
09:00P607Multicentric inflammation in coronary arteries: a histopathologic study of patients dying of acute myocardial infarctionR Blanco (Buenos Aires, AR)
09:00P608Neutrophil-derived cathelicidin protects from neointimal hyperplasiaS Wantha (Munich, DE)
09:00P609Association between apolipoprotein A5 -1131T>C polymorphism and atheromatosis extent in coronary artery diseaseL Lima (Vicosa, BR)
09:00P610Lipid tetrad index (LTI) and lipid pentad index (LPI) in healthy subjectsL Lima (Vicosa, BR)
09:00P611Imaging mass spectrometry for direct Heart tissue analysis :a new frontier for molecular histologyL Fornai (Padova, IT)
09:00P612Modifiers of antiplatelet responsivenessA Grdinic (Belgrade, RS)