EUROECHO & other Imaging Modalities 2012

05 - 08 December 2012, Athens - Greece

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Stress echocardiography - Expanding applications
Fri 07 Dec 14:00 - 15:30 Miscellaneous Abstract Session Apollo - Lecture room
Chairpersons: George ATHANASSOPOULOS (Pireas, GR), Jadranka SEPAROVIC HANZEVACKI (Zagreb, HR)

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14:00669Panel of experts.Roxy SENIOR (London, GB), Jadranka SEPAROVIC HANZEVACKI (Zagreb, HR), Rosa SICARI (Pisa, IT), Theodore KOLIAS (Ann Arbor, US)
14:00670Dual imaging stress echocardiography versus computed tomography coronary angiography for risk stratification of patients with chest pain of unknown originQuirino CIAMPI (Benevento, IT)
14:15671Low dose dobutamine in candidates for cardiac resynchronization therapy: does ejection fraction reflect contractile reserve?Ivan STANKOVIC (Belgrade, RS)
14:30672Latent atrial dysfunction in highly trained athletes depicted by deformation imaging: a potential arrythmogenic substrate?.Luigi GABRIELLI (Santiago, CL)
14:45673Preserved contractile reserve at dobutamine test in the prediction of response to resynchronisation therapy in ischaemic and non-ischaemic left ventricle dysfunction - the multicentre VIACRT studyKatarzyna MIZIA-STEC (Katowice, PL)
15:00674An abnormal left ventricular exercise stress echocardiography response in the absence of obstructive coronary artery disease is associated with subclinical myocardial dysfunctionArthur NASIS (Melbourne, AU)
15:15675Editorial.Jadranka SEPAROVIC HANZEVACKI (Zagreb, HR)