25 - 28 May 2013, Lisbon - Portugal

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Late breaking trials 2
Mon 27 May 11:00 - 12:30 Miscellaneous Special Session, Latest Updates Lisboa - Lecture rooms
Chairpersons: Gerasimos FILIPPATOS (Athens, GR), Burkert Mathias PIESKE (Graz, AT)
Learning Objectives: Latest updates This session will feature the latest breakthrough in clinical heart failure research. Consult session details in the Congress News, on your Mobile Application or on the Website! Trial Presentations of 10 minutes followed by a discussant review and questions from the audience and chairpersons for 3 minutes.

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11:00281Additive renin inhibition with Aliskiren does not improve renal blood flow and decreases glomerular filtration rate and filtration fraction in patients with chronic heart failure and renal dysfunction.Nicolas SCHROTEN (Amsterdam, NL)
11:10282Discussion: ARIANA-CHF-RD.Aldo Pietro MAGGIONI (Florence, IT)
11:15283MinerAlocorticoid Receptor Antagonist Tolerability Study ARTS: a randomized, double-blind, phase 2 trial of BAY 94-8862 in patients with chronic heart failure and mild/moderate chronic kidney disease.Faiez ZANNAD (Vandoeuvre Les Nancy, FR)
11:25284Discussion: ARTS.Andrew COATS (Coventry, GB)
11:30291Effect of Aliskiren on postdischarge mortality and readmissions among patients hospitalized for heart failure.Mihai GHEORGHIADE (Chicago, US)
11:40292Discussion: the ASTRONAUT randomized trial.Gerasimos FILIPPATOS (Athens, GR)
11:45285The dopamine in acute decompensated heart failure II trial.Gregory GIAMOUZIS (Larissa, GR)
11:55286Discussion: DAD-HF II.Christopher O'CONNOR (Durham, US)
12:00287Efficacy and safety of intermittent ambulatory infusions of Levosimendan in end-stage heart failure.Gerhard POELZL (Innsbruck, AT)
12:10288Discussion: LEVOREP.John R TEERLINK (San Francisco, US)
12:15289Agressive fluid and sodium restriction in acute decompensated heart failure.Luis BECK DA SILVA (Porto Alegre, BR)
12:25290Discussion: Fluid and sodium restriction in heart failure.Theresa MCDONAGH (London, GB)