EuroPRevent 2014

08 - 10 May 2014, Amsterdam - Netherlands

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Prediction is difficult especially when it’s about the future
Thu 08 May 14:00 - 15:30 Prevention and Epidemiology Symposium Brussels - Lecture Room
Chairpersons: Susana SANS MENENDEZ (Barcelona, ES), Carl MOONS (Utrecht, NL)

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14:0035What’s a high risk country?Guy DE BACKER (St Martens Latem, BE)
14:1836Cardiovascular disease risk in the young and old: we got it wrong!Diego VANUZZO (Udine, IT)
14:3637Predicting the future of risk estimation.Maryam KAVOUSI (Rotterdam, NL)
14:5438Sex differences in predictors of ischaemic stroke: Cohort Norway and Cardiovascular Disease in Norway (CVDNOR) Study. G EGELAND (Bergen, NO)
15:1239Cardiovascular risk assessment at the pharmacy may identify the population at riskMarianne NORELIUS (Solna, SE)