EuroPRevent 2014

08 - 10 May 2014, Amsterdam - Netherlands

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Poster Session 3: Group 4 "Prevention and Epidemiology"
Fri 09 May 14:00 - 18:00 Prevention and Epidemiology Poster Session Poster Area - Poster Zone

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14:00P468Group 4 "Prevention and Epidemiology" hosted by.Hugo SANER (Bern, CH)
14:00P469A study of lipoprotein associated phospholipase A2 (LpPLA2) as a better marker than highly sensitive C Reactive protein (hs-CRP) and lipoprotein(a) in Indians with coronary artery disease  
14:00P470Beyond Framingham Risk Factors and Coronary Calcification: Does Aortic Valve Calcification improve Risk Prediction? The Heinz Nixdorf Recall StudyHagen KAELSCH (Essen, DE)
14:00P471Implementation of cardiovascular prevention by evaluation of practice, the Swedish experienceAnna KIESSLING (Stockholm, SE)
14:00P472An immunomodelating fatty acid analogue targeting mitochondria exerts anti-atherosclerotic effect beyond plasma cholesterol-lowering activity in apoE-/- mice  
14:00P473The impact of social deprivation on cardiac revascularization outcomes within the National Health Service in England and WalesBashir MATATA (Liverpool, GB)
14:00P474Percentiles for oscillometric pulse wave velocity in childhood and adolescenceJulia ELMENHORST (Muenchen, DE)
14:00P475Acute atherogenic effect of single fatty meal on healthy volunteerMohamed ABDEL WAHAB (El Minia, EG)
14:00P476Clinical profile of acute coronary syndrome in elderly patientsJesus PIQUERAS FLORES (Ciudad Real, ES)
14:00P477Carotid artery ultrasound dopplerography for detection of coronary artery disease severity estimated by Gensini score Natalia GAVRILOVA (Moscow, RU)
14:00P478Significance of circulating endothelial cells and CD4+CD28null T-lymphocytes for cardiovascular risk stratification in primary ischemic heart disease preventionAnna IAKOVLEVA (Arkhangelsk, RU)