EuroPRevent 2014

08 - 10 May 2014, Amsterdam - Netherlands

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Poster Session 3: Group 11 "Sports Cardiology"
Fri 09 May 14:00 - 18:00 Sports cardiology Poster Session Poster Area - Poster Zone

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14:00P543Group 11 "Sports Cardiology" hosted by.Alessandro BIFFI (Rome, IT)
14:00P544The impact of work and intensity-matched aerobic interval vs continuous training on left ventricular morphology and function in healthy obese womenAli KHALIL (Leeds, GB)
14:00P545Blood pressure response to exercise in moderate static sportsNicole M PANHUYZEN-GOEDKOOP (Rozendaal, NL)
14:00P546Are exercise induced premature ventricular beats related to a high risk of sports related cardiac events?Nicole M PANHUYZEN-GOEDKOOP (Rozendaal, NL)
14:00P547High incidence of arteriosclerosis in assumed healthy, elderly men detected by cardiovascular screening before exercise trainingUlf KOEPP (Kristiansand, NO)
14:00P548Patterns of left ventricular diastolic function in Olympic athletes.Stefano CASELLI (Rome, IT)
14:00P549Prevalence and significance of anterior T wave inversion in females.Aneil MALHOTRA (Oxford, GB)
14:00P550Cardiac benefits of endurance training: 40 years old is not too late to startDavid MATELOT (Rethoville, FR)
14:00P551Cardiovascular findings in assumpted healthy elderly men by screening before vigorous exercise trainingUlf KOEPP (Kristiansand, NO)
14:00P552Palpitations are the most frequent symptom in a physically active population referred to a clinic in sports cardiologyLouise Viktoria KAISER-NIELSEN (Copenhagen Oe, DK)