EuroPRevent 2014

08 - 10 May 2014, Amsterdam - Netherlands

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Poster Session 4: Group 4 "Prevention and Epidemiology"
Sat 10 May 08:30 - 12:30 Prevention and Epidemiology Poster Session Poster Area - Poster Zone

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08:30P636Group 4 "Prevention and Epidemiology" hosted by.Rimke VOS (Utrecht, NL)
08:30P637Cardiac function after living kidney donationBernd HEWING (Berlin, DE)
08:30P638ICEBERG, does carotid ultrasound provide additional risk information in some low Framingham risk score patients?Amer JOHRI (Bath, CA)
08:30P639Primary prevention of cardiovascular disease: are we targeting the right patients ?Kevin SELBY (Lausanne, CH)
08:30P640Abnormal blood pressure rise post mild exercise and abnormal B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) or NT pro-BNP are markers for early cardiovascular disease risk stratification in asymptomatic subjectsAntonella SABATINI (Firenze, IT)
08:30P641Cardiovascular risk and it relation to hormonal status in perimenopausal Anna ISAYEVA (Kharkov, UA)
08:30P642Reticard study. follow up to a year of a cohort of patients with chronic ischemic heart disease and retinopathy (hypertensive / atheroesclerotic / diabetic).Jesus PIQUERAS FLORES (Ciudad Real, ES)
08:30P643Incidence and severity of alterations in calcium phosphorus metabolism in patients with multiple cardiovascular risk factors and high framingham score.Victor Daniel MARTIRE (La Plata, AR)
08:30P644Risk factors of cardiovascular diseases among patients and physicians of UkraineMyroslava HARBAR (Lviv, UA)
08:30P645Cardiovascular risk factors are associated with subclinical atherosclerosis in healthy individuals - A DanRisk substudy.Ramshanker RAMANATHAN (Boerkop, DK)