30 August - 03 September 2014, Barcelona - Spain

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Drug therapy: when guidelines do not have all the answers
Mon 01 Sep 16:30 - 18:00 Guidelines and implementation in low resource settings Guidelines in Daily Practice, Guidelines into Practice, Mobile App Interactive Session Dublin - Village 3
Chairpersons: John JARCHO (Boston, US), Keld Per KJELDSEN (Copenhagen, DK)
Learning Objectives: This session is interactive via the ESC 2014 Mobile App. Provide guidance in clinical challenging scenarios in which our current guidelines can not give class I recommendation

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16:304092Patient with stable coronary artery disease.Ricardo FONTES CARVALHO (Porto, PT)
16:404093Stable coronary artery disease: what do the Guidelines say?Udo SECHTEM (Stuttgart, DE)
16:454094Stable coronary artery disease: how to implement Guidelines - Discussion.Bernard GERSH (Rochester, US), Udo SECHTEM (Stuttgart, DE), Frans VAN DE WERF (Leuven, BE)
16:554095Patient with type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.Janine POESS (Luebeck, DE)
17:054096Type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease: what do the Guidelines say?Lars RYDEN (Stockholm, SE)
17:104097Type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease: how to implement Guidelines - Discussion.Maria Angeles ALONSO GARCIA (Madrid, ES), Joao MORAIS (Leiria, PT), Lars RYDEN (Stockholm, SE)
17:204098Patient with chronic heart failure.Ewa Anita JANKOWSKA (Wroclaw, PL)
17:304099Chronic heart failure: what do the Guidelines say?John MCMURRAY (Glasgow, GB)
17:354100Chronic heart failure: how to implement Guidelines - Discussion.John MCMURRAY (Glasgow, GB), Marc PFEFFER (Boston, US), Faiez ZANNAD (Vandoeuvre Les Nancy, FR)
17:454101Drug therapy: conclusion and general take home message.Keld Per KJELDSEN (Copenhagen, DK)