30 August - 03 September 2014, Barcelona - Spain

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Poster session 4: Environment and cardiovascualr diseases
Mon 01 Sep 08:30 - 12:30 Environment and CV diseases Poster Session Poster area - Central Village

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08:30P3195Traffic noise exposure and mortality due to cardiovascular diseases 
08:30P3196Influence of air pollution on the risk of acute myocardial infarction in Korea from the Korea Acute Myocardial Infarction RegistrySe Yong JANG (Daegu, KR)
08:30P3197Microvascular endothelial function and endothelial microparticles level under the extreme weather conditionsMaria OSYAEVA (Moscow, RU)
08:30P3198Severe adverse effects of nocturnal aircraft noise on endothelial function in patients with or being at risk for cardiovascular disease Frank SCHMIDT (Mainz, DE)
08:30P3199Season and outdoor temperature in relation to detection and control of hypertension in a large rural Chinese populationHuaidong DU (Oxford, GB)
08:30P3200Effects of air pollution exposure reduction by filter mask on heart failure: a prospective randomized double-blind controlled trialJefferson Luis VIEIRA (Sao Paulo, BR)
08:30P3201Effects of arsenic exposure and genetic polymorphisms in detoxification metabolism and DNA repair genes on subclinical atherosclerosis in high-exposed population of our countryFrancesco STEA (Pisa, IT)
08:30P3202Subclinical carotid atherosclerosis and early vascular aging from chronic low-dose ionizing radiation exposure: a genetic, telomere and vascular ultrasound study in cardiac catheterization laboratoryMaria Grazia ANDREASSI (Pisa, IT)
08:30P3203Perceived stress and 6-year incidence of high blood pressure in relation to sex and occupational status: the IPC cohort studyNicolas DANCHIN (Paris, FR)
08:30P3204Low vitamin d levels are associated with multimorbidity: the lifelines cohort studyLaura MEEMS (Groningen, NL)
08:30P3205Birth prevalence and time trends of congenital heart defects in Norway 1994-2009 - a CVDNOR projectElisabeth LEIRGUL (Bergen, NO)
08:30P3206Effect of smoking on the age at incidence of first acute coronary syndrome in patients from 58 European hospitals: the EURHOBOP studyMarta PEREIRA (Porto, PT)