30 August - 03 September 2014, Barcelona - Spain

Session Details

New therapies in heart failure
Mon 01 Sep 15:30 - 16:30 Pharmacologic therapy Moderated Posters Moderated poster corner - Central Village
Chairpersons: John T PARISSIS (Athens, GR), Giuseppe AMBROSIO (Perugia, IT)
Learning Objectives: Posters are on display from 14:00 – 18:00 on the plasma screen in the topic related Moderated Poster Area. During the moderated Poster Session (15:30 - 16:30), from a large plasma screen, Presenters will summarise their research within 3 minutes and will then address questions from the Chairpersons and audience.

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List of Presentations

Related documents
15:30P3959Intravenous infusion of purified poloxamer 188 (MST-188), improves left ventricular systolic and diastolic function in dogs with advanced heart failureHani SABBAH (Detroit, US)
15:38P3960Endothelin receptor blockade in heart failure with diastolic dysfunction and pulmonary hypertensionWilhelm GRANDER (Mils, AT)
15:47P3961Long-term therapy with Bendavia (MTP-131) augments mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium channel opening in left ventricular myocardium of dogs with advanced heart failure Ramesh GUPTA (Detroit, US)
15:55P3962Long-term therapy with capadenoson, a partial adenosine A1-receptor agonist, reverses abnormalities of myocardial energy metabolism in left ventricular myocardium of dogs with chronic heart failureHani SABBAH (Detroit, US)
16:04P3963Low-dose Tolvaptan as furosemide alternative preserves renal function and renin-angiotensin system during intensive treatment in patients with congestive heart failureKentaro JUJO (Tokyo, JP)
16:12P3964Ivabradine adding on beta blocker based strategy provides better heart rate lowering than beta blocker alone based strategy in real life clinical practice: an analysis from REALITY HF study Yuksel CAVUSOGLU (Eskisehir, TR)
16:21P3965The effect of ivabradine on aortic stiffness in patients with heart failureKorhan SOYLU (Kurupelit-Samsun, TR)