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Getting to the roots: childhood obesity
29 Aug 16:30 - 18:00 Overweight, obesity and central obesity Abstract Session, Spotlight of the Congress, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Damascus - Zone D
Chairpersons: John Eric DEANFIELD (London, GB), Patrick TOUNIAN (Paris, FR)

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16:303050IQ in young men predicts changes in BMI at 21 years of follow-upTo Be Announced
16:453051Educational and behavioral interventions in childhood obesity: a systematic review with metanalysis of randomized clinical trialsLucia PELLANDA (Porto Alegre, BR)
17:003052Obesity-related changes in left ventricular geometry and diastolic stiffness begin to appear in early childhoodKenji HARADA (Akita, JP)
17:153053Obesity leads to an impaired diastolic and systolic left ventricular function in childrenNorman MANGNER (Leipzig, DE)
17:303054Vascular adaptations to obesity in childhoodMarietta CHARAKIDA (London, GB)
17:453055Total body fat, abdominal fat, and body fat distribution related to composite risk factor score for CVD in younger childrenMagnus DENCKER (Malmo, SE)

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