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Poster Session 4: Catheter ablation/except atrial
28 Jun 14:00 - 18:00 Tools: catheters, sources, mapping, navigators Poster Session Poster - Poster Area

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14:00P1171Location of the channel of the reentry circuit in patient with ventricular tachycardia remote after myocardial infarctionM Fukunaga (Kitakyushu-City, JP)
14:00P1172Interruption of the inferior vena cava at atrial flutter ablation: prevalence and management by ablation through the azygos continuationD G Doiny (Madrid, ES)
14:00P1173Corrected postpacing interval and sa-va interval after resetting with ventricular extrastimuli to differentiate atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia from orthodromic reentrant tachycardia.F J Garcia Fernandez (Burgos, ES)
14:00P1174Basal right ventricular entrainment is superior to apical entrainment in identifying mechanism of supraventricular tachycardiaA Abd El Wahab (Cairo, EG)
14:00P1175Successful bipolar endo- versus epicardial catheter ablation of extrasystoles originating from the right ventricular midmyocardiumW Kassenberg (Utrecht, NL)
14:00P1176Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for the hemodynamic support of unstable ventricular tachycardia during catheter ablation.F Baratto (Milano, IT)
14:00P1177Predictor of the location of the focus of outflow tract tachycardia using surface ECG and His Bundle ElectrogramK Hayashi (Kitakyusyu, JP)
14:00P1178Routine use of adrenaline instead of isoprenaline in the EP LaboratoryA Okreglicki (Cape Town, ZA)
14:00P1179Ventricular tachycardia originating from myocardial sleeves of the coronary sinusR Tilz (Hamburg, DE)
14:00P1180Correlations Between Long-term Results After Cryoablation For AVNRT And A Residual Jump Associated Or Not With A Single EchoA De Sisti (Paris, FR)
14:00P1181Success rate and risks of left atrial flutter ablation in patients with mechanical mitral valve prosthesis. D G Doiny (Madrid, ES)
14:00P1182Comparison between substrate-based and activation-based ablation of ventricular tachycardias in patients with structural heart diseaseH Makimoto (Suita, JP)
14:00P1183Atrial flutter due to reentry around the fossa ovalis: reentrant circuit delineation and ablationA Estrada (Madrid, ES)
14:00P1184Catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia in patients with structural heart disease: initial results from the german ablation registryR Tilz (Hamburg, DE)
14:00P1185Long-term follow up after cryoablation for pediatric atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia: recurrence is not predictableT Reents (Munich, DE)
14:00P1186Remote magnetic navigation is a high effective method for ablation of arrhythmias in patients with complex congenital heart diseaseF Akca (Rotterdam, NL)
14:00P1187Arrhythmogenic substrates and catheter ablation of atrial tachycardia after mitral valve surgery using the superior transseptal approachY Hata (Shimotuke, JP)

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