FCVB 2012

30 March - 01 April 2012, London - United Kingdom

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Poster Session 2: Growth/death, Regeneration and Stem cells - Reviewers: F.Quaini, T.H. Schindler, O.Bergman, D. Hilfiker-Kleiner
Sat 31 Mar 09:00 - 18:00 Cell death / Apoptosis / Autophagy Poster Session Poster Area - Poster Area
Chairpersons: F Di Lisa (Padua, IT), J G R De Mey (Maastricht, NL), LJ De Windt (Maastricht, NL), P Kohl (London, GB), M Giacca (Trieste, IT), M Mercola (La Jolla, US), T Padro (Barcelona, ES), O Bergmann (Stockholm, SE), J Nilsson (Malmo, SE), J van der Velden (Amsterdam, NL), K Wouters (Maastricht, NL), A J G Horrevoets (Amsterdam, NL), T H Schindler (Geneve 14, CH), M N Sheppard (London, GB), M Mayr (London, GB), R Krams (London, GB), M Gautel (London, GB), B Casadei (Oxford, GB), J L Johnson (Bristol, GB), J D Pearson (London, GB), C Terracciano (Harefield, GB), N Smart (London, GB), S Nourshargh (London, GB), M Avkiran (London, GB), S Potteaux (Paris, FR), S Hatem (Paris, FR), A R Pries (Berlin, DE), T Unger (Berlin, DE), D Hilfiker-Kleiner (Hannover, DE), F Quaini (Parma, IT), C Poggesi (Firenze, IT), P F Davies (Philadelphia, US), B C Knollmann (Nashville, US)

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09:00P276Early alterations of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium uptake and apoptosis towards improving cell survival after acute myocardial ischemia/reperfusionD V Cokkinos (Athens, GR)
09:00P278Cases of the endotheliocyte apoptosis in touch smears of aorta and coronary arteries during atherogenesisT Vladimirskaya (Minsk, BY)
09:00P279The potential role of soluble adenylylcyclase in beta1-adrenergic stimulation-induced hypertrophyI M Schirmer (Bochum, DE)
09:00P280Signalling requirements for ET-1-induced hypertrophyC R Archer (Cambridge, GB)
09:00P281GRK5-NT regulates the activity of calcium-calmodulin dependent transcription factorsA Fusco (Napoli, IT)
09:00P282Dapper-1, a novel activator of canonical Wnt signaling in cardiomyocytes, induces cardiac hypertrophy and impairs left ventricular functionM Hagenmueller (Heidelberg, DE)
09:00P283The Mammalian Ste20-like kinase 2 (Mst2) modulates pathological hypertrophy by regulating the Raf1-ERK1/2 signalling pathwayA R Maqsood (Manchester, GB)
09:00P284Pressure-controlled intermittent coronary sinus occlusion (PICSO) study on mechanical control of cardiac tissue morphogenesisN Khatami (Vienna, AT)
09:00P285Cardiomyocyte aging: swimming against the clockB Chaudhry (Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB)
09:00P286Matrix production and proteolitic activity of cardiomyocyte progenitor cells during in vitro differentiationDWJ Van Der Schaft (Eindhoven, NL)
09:00P287In vitro epithelial-to-mesenchymal transformation in human adult epicardial cells is regulated by TGFbeta-signaling and WT1N A M Bax (Eindhoven, NL)
09:00P288Reactivating DNA replication in the differentiated mammalian cardiomyocyte: A role for Ciz1S Bageghni (Leeds, GB)
09:00P289Obesity modify gene expression profile of human adipose-derived stem cellsG Vilahur (Barcelona, ES)
09:00P290Long-term effect of stem cell treatment in acute myocardial infarction: what is new from 2008?E Martin-Rendon (Oxford, GB)
09:00P291Wnt canonical pathway downregulation in bone marrow cells of subjects with cardiovascular risk factors can limit their regenerative potentialL Badimon (Barcelona, ES)
09:00P292Hematopoietic stem cell recruitment to the injured gut microcirculation is enhanced following HSC treatment with hydrogen peroxideD Kavanagh (Birmingham, GB)
09:00P293Electrophysiological consequence of autologous skeletal-myoblast-sheet transplantation in porcine infarcted modelY Terajima (Tokyo, JP)
09:00P294Cardiomyocyte progenitor cell and mesenchymal stem cell exosomes stimulate the angiogenic capacity of endothelial cellsJ P G Sluijter (Utrecht, NL)
09:00P295Adipose tissue stromal cells improves tissue ischemia and metabolism after femoral ligation through a paracrine mechanismR Madonna (Houston, US)
09:00P296The effect of triiodothyronine hormone on human iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte maturationL Kolker (South Mimms, Potters Bar, GB)
09:00P297Function-based enrichment of pro-angiogenic cells for cardiovascular repairJ M Rowlinson (Bristol, GB)
09:00P298Potent long-term cardioprotective effects of single low dose insulin-like growth factor-1 (LD-IGF-1) treatment post myocardial infarctionJF O'Sullivan (Dublin 9, IE)
09:00P299The Cdkn2a/2b tumour suppressor locus is a hot spot for genome instability in mouse cardiac progenitor cellsM Noseda (London, GB)