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Poster Session 2: Developmental biology - Reviewers: F. Quaini, T.H. Schindler, O.Bergman, D.Hilfiker-Kleiner
31 Mar 09:00 - 18:00 Morphogenetic mechanisms Poster Session Poster Area - Poster Area
Chairpersons: F Di Lisa (Padua, IT), J G R De Mey (Maastricht, NL), LJ De Windt (Maastricht, NL), P Kohl (London, GB), M Giacca (Trieste, IT), M Mercola (La Jolla, US), T Padro (Barcelona, ES), O Bergmann (Stockholm, SE), J Nilsson (Malmo, SE), J van der Velden (Amsterdam, NL), K Wouters (Maastricht, NL), A J G Horrevoets (Amsterdam, NL), T H Schindler (Geneve 14, CH), M N Sheppard (London, GB), M Mayr (London, GB), R Krams (London, GB), M Gautel (London, GB), B Casadei (Oxford, GB), J L Johnson (Bristol, GB), J D Pearson (London, GB), C Terracciano (Harefield, GB), N Smart (London, GB), S Nourshargh (London, GB), M Avkiran (London, GB), S Potteaux (Paris, FR), S Hatem (Paris, FR), A R Pries (Berlin, DE), T Unger (Berlin, DE), D Hilfiker-Kleiner (Hannover, DE), F Quaini (Parma, IT), C Poggesi (Firenze, IT), P F Davies (Philadelphia, US), B C Knollmann (Nashville, US)

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09:00P263Embryonic epicardial-derived cells: pioneering roles in building the adult cardiac interstitiumA Ruiz-Villalba (Malaga, ES)
09:00P264Sodium channel remodelling leads to cardiac conduction system dysmorphogenesisA Aranega Jimenez (Jaen, ES)
09:00P265Cardiac microhemocirculation in experimental myocardium necrosisG Babaieva (Kharkiv, UA)
09:00P266DOCA/salt-induced hypertension + high-cholesterol/high-lipid diet: A large animal model of concentric LV hypertrophy with increased LV stiffness.M Schwarzl (Graz, AT)
09:00P267Pronounced stress-induced lethality in popdc1/2 null mutants S Simrick (Harefield, GB)
09:00P268Molecular investigation of the involvement of subpulmonary myocardium in conotruncal congenital heart defectsA, M Theveniau-Ruissy (Marseille, FR)
09:00P362Potentiation effect of the AMPK activator A-769662 on cardiac myocytes metabolism and survivalA Timmermans (Brussels, BE)
09:00P432B-mode carotid ultrasound can go beyond intima-media thicknessI Amat-Roldan (Barcelona, ES)
09:00P399Vessel wall- and blood-borne- tissue factor contribute to arterial thrombus growth in a shear rate and lesion type dependent fashionG Vilahur (Barcelona, ES)