EuroCMR 2019

02 - 04 May 2019, Venice - Italy

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Young Investigator Award session
Fri 03 May 09:35 - 10:50 Imaging - Other Abstract Session, Level 1 certification Sala Grande -
Chairpersons: Ana Maria G ALMEIDA (Lisbon, Portugal), Stefan NEUBAUER (Oxford, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
Learning Objectives: Young Investigators will present their abstract in competition for the EuroCMR 2019 Young Investigator Award Prize. Results & Winners will be announced and awarded with a diploma during the "Closing Plenary" session on Saturday 4 May at 13:05.

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Related documents
09:35 This session is part of the Level 1 certification in CMR. 
09:36199Genetic architecture of left ventricular phenotypes derived from 17,000 CMR studies in the UK Biobank population imaging cohortNay AUNG (London, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
09:50200Vasodilator stress perfusion CMR is feasible and has prognostic value in morbid obese patients without known CADMarine KINNEL (Reims, France)
10:05201Training for a first-time marathon reverses vascular ageingAnish BHUVA (London, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
10:20202Discriminating between exercise induced cardiac remodeling and dilated cardiomyopathy using exercise cardiac MRIThu Thao LE (Singapore, Singapore)
10:35203Pulmonary transit time is a better predictor of cardiovascular mortality and HF hospitalization in HF-rEF patients than left and right ventricular ejection fraction or feature tracking GLSLaura HOUARD (Bruxelles, Belgium)