31 August - 04 September 2019, Paris - France

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Give me the evidence in adult congenital heart disease!
Mon 02 Sep 11:00 - 12:30 Adult Congenital Heart Disease, Clinical Symposium, Joint Session Tbilisi - Village 6
Chairpersons: Erwin OECHSLIN (Toronto, Canada), Jolien W ROOS-HESSELINK (Rotterdam, Netherlands (The))
Subtitle: Joint with the International Society for Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Learning Objectives: To formulate indications for ASD closure To recognize the limited evidence to operate on coronary anomalies To understand treatment strategies for the dilated ascending aorta in congenital heart disease To formulate indications for anticoagulation and to assess the benefit and risks of different anticoagulation strategies

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11:003271The evidence for late closure of atrial septal defectHelmut BAUMGARTNER (Muenster, Germany)
11:223272The evidence for operating on coronary anomaliesEd HICKEY (Toronto, Canada)
11:453273Evidence-based treatment of dilated ascending aortaJulie DE BACKER (Ghent, Belgium)
12:073274Anticoagulation in congenital heart disease: when and which agent?Barbara Jm MULDER (Amsterdam, Netherlands (The))