31 August - 04 September 2019, Paris - France

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Non-coding RNAs in cardiovascular disease
Sat 31 Aug 11:00 - 12:30 Basic Science Rapid Fire Abstracts, Abstract-based Programme Agora 2 - Poster Area
Chairpersons: Christian Wolfgang POLLER (Berlin, Germany), Daniele CATALUCCI (Rozzano, Italy)

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11:00260Identification of differential roles of microRNA-33a and -33b during atherosclerosis progression with genetically modified miceTakahiro HORIE (Kyoto, Japan)
11:12261Decisive role of microRNA-494 in smooth muscle cell proliferation and vascular remodelingKai KNOEPP (Halle, Germany)
11:25262Circulating muscle-derived mir-206 links skeletal muscle dysfunction to cardiac autonomic denervationTania ZAGLIA (Padova, Italy)
11:38263Through differential targeting of cardiac myocytes and fibroblasts, miR-221 promotes myocardial recovery and averts adverse remodeling after infarction Yue ZHOU (Singapore, Singapore)
11:51264The long noncoding RNA H19 modulates cardiac remodeling after infarctionOi Kuan CHOONG (Taipei, Taiwan)
12:04265Amyloid beta 1-40 and its upstream regulatory pathway BACE1-AS long noncoding RNA /BACE1 are associated with presence and severity of human atherosclerotic diseaseMarco SACHSE (Frankfurt Am Main, Germany)
12:17266Loss of pumilio 1 phosphorylation turns off the regulation of miRNA-221 on gene p27kip1 in the heart Yue ZHOU (Singapore, Singapore)