31 August - 04 September 2019, Paris - France

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Poster Session 6: Regeneration
Tue 03 Sep 08:30 - 12:30 European Society of Cardiology Poster Session, Abstract-based Programme Posters - Poster Area
Learning Objectives: Posters are on display from 08:30 – 12:30. Presenters will be by their poster during the coffee break from 10:05 and 10:55 for posters viewing time.

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08:30P5382Geometry and strain sensing dictate YAP-dependent evolution of human cardiac stromal cells toward myofibroblasts in the cardiosphere organoid modelMaurizio PESCE (Milano, Italy)
08:30P5383Autologous adipose-derived stromal cell treatment for patients with refractory angina (MyStromalCell Trial) - 3-years follow-up resultsAbbas Ali QAYYUM (Copenhagen, Denmark)
08:30P5384Postnatal mouse aorta contains yolk sac-derived haemangioblasts with myeloid and endothelial plasticity and vasculogenic capacityAnna Emilie WILLIAMSON (Adelaide, Australia)
08:30P5385Development and preclinical testing of upscaled engineered heart tissue for use in translational studiesThomas OWEN (London, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
08:30P5386Transplantation of endothelial progenitor cells in the treatment of coronary artery microembolism in ratsYajun XUE (, China)
08:30P5387CRISPR/dCas9 Activated Expression of Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Factors in CDCs in Myocardial Infarctions Toshikazu SANO (San Francisco, United States of America)
08:30P5388N-cadherin promotes cardiac regeneration by stabilizing beta-cateninYi-Shuan TSENG (New Taipei, Taiwan)
08:30P5389Limited regenerative potential of the neonatal porcine heart after myocardial infarctionKonstantinos MALLIARAS (Athens, Greece)
08:30P5390Adipolin/C1q/Tnf-related protein 12 attenuates adverse cardiac remodeling in a mouse model of myocardial infarctionTomonobu TAKIKAWA (Nagoya, Japan)
08:30P5391Systemic administration of high-mobility group box 1 can suppress adverse post-infarction ventricular remodeling in a rat infarction model by enhancing self-regenerationTakasumi GOTO (Suita City, Japan)
08:30P5392Epicardium derived cells promote sympathetic ganglionic outgrowth towards myocardium in vitroYang GE (Leiden, Netherlands (The))